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Dust vac with cyclone 60 litre waste tank-75 cfm

Dust vac with cyclone 60 litre waste tank-75 cfm

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VacDust vacuum with cyclone 75 cfm - 60 litre waste capture tank The Spillrite dust vacuum is an air operated industrial vacuum that requires compressed air to operate. The pneumatic power head is fitted to a stainless steel 60 litre drum. The waste capture drum with cyclone is a mild steel 60 litre drum. A cyclone is used to increase filter efficiency and prevent the filter from loading prematurely.

Cyclone 60 litre tanks


The power head is built on an alloy lid with an alloy silencer shroud. The power unit tank is stainless steel and can be used in a marine environment. The system comes with a single vacuum control air valve.

DLV dust vacuum technical specifications


The filter can be a washable cloth bag or an anti-static dry filter cartridge.. The cyclone directs up to 99% of dust and particles into the waste capture drum and a very small amount into the power drum. This means that the unit can run for extended times without the need to change the filter bag.


Pneumatic Drum Vacuums are very SAFE. 

  • Pneumatic drum vacuums are powered by compressed air
  • They do not use electricity
  • There are no moving parts to wear out
  • No cause of friction or create a spark
  • Can be used in both wet and dry applications
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • 4 times the power of electric vacuums
  • Huge 5 metre water lift 5 year warranty  

We build to order and ship within 3 - 5 business days. 

DLV Dust Vac inclusions

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