Silica dust vacuum

Silica dust vacuum - pneumatic

Spillrite offers several models that are suitable for vacuuming up concrete and silica dust. The unit below uses a cyclonic separator to capture the dust more efficiently and allow longer run times before having to cleasn or replace the washable bag filter.

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The concrete dust and silica dust vacuum can also be fitted with an H class filter to prevent toxic and hazardous particles from escaping to atmosphere. The filter is H14 rated for 99.997% @ 0.3 microns.

The pneumatic vacuum has no moving parts and has a 5 year warranty.

The vacuums are Australian made and supported.

Concrete & Silica Dust H class vacuum

Hard wearing plastic 90 litre tank.  Ideal for worksites with rough handling.

Model:  PAV/HEPA/75

75 cfm model with HEPA filter on the exhaust allowing better preformance than vacuums with HEPA on the suction side.

PolyAirVac90 with HEPA

200 litre Silica dust HEPA vacuum system with reverse filter cleaning.


RDTV 2 Cyclone Cloth Bag