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Drum Pump 60 Cfm High Power-Reverse Pump Out

Drum Pump 60 Cfm High Power-Reverse Pump Out

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Drum Pump 60 Cfm High Power - this pneumatic drum pump screws into the small 20mm bung on a standard 55/44/205 steel drum. This pump is Vacuum & Reverse Pump Out.    

Drum Pump 60 reverse pump out 

Drum Pump 60 reverse pump out technical specifications

Two way drum pump 60 cfm for fluids, coolant, sump oil, bilge, muds and grease. The Spillrite Drum Pump 60 cfm reversible is a two way vacuum pump that turns your old steel drum into a powerful vacuum. This low cost solution is ideal in factories and workshops or on oil rigs for the rapid recovery of fluids.

Fills a 200 litre drum in under 90 seconds. High powered and safe. Powered by 60 cfm of compressed air. These pumps have a silencer fitted which reduces the sound signature considerably. The pumps automatically shut-off when the drum fills up with fluid.

rum Pump 60 Reverse pump out inclusions

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