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Drum Lid Vacuum 180cfm Wet RPO NO drum

Drum Lid Vacuum 180cfm Wet RPO NO drum

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The Spillrite 180 cfm Reverse Drum Lid vacuum is a high power fluid recovery vacuum system.

Drum lid vacuum are used for spill control, sump recovery, coolant recovery, oils, sludge and most thick fluid and powered by compressed air.

Reverse Drum Lid Vacuum 180 cfm

The Drum Lid vacuum is an air operated vacuum system powered by compressed air which is designed to be a high powered spill recovery system.

Reverse Drum Lid Vac 180 technical specifications

The pneumatic power unit is bolted to a galvanised steel drum lid and when compressed air is supplied, the drum becomes an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Reverse 180 Drum Lid vacuum lid only inclusions


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