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Air Vac Poly 90 Litre 60 cfm

Air Vac Poly 90 Litre 60 cfm

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Air Vacuum 90 litre air powered. 60 cfm. 100 psi. Twin venturi's. (Reverse filter cleaning option.) Wet and dry.    Air vacuum for spills - wet 90 litre poly plastic tank.

Poly Air Vac 60 cfm technical specifications


Water, mud, coolant, sump oil, bilge, chemicals, general oils, contaminated water, dusts, wood chips, metal chips, nuts and bolts, plastics, metals, gravel, soil, seeds, grains, general dry factory waste. This unit is not to be used for flammable fluids or explosive dusts. Models with EX in their code can be used for explosive dusts and flammable fluids.

The Wet Dry air vacuum comes in 3 models. The low air 48 cfm model is for wet only. The 100 cfm and 150 cfm models can do both wet and dry. The 90 litre poly plastic tank is manufactured from hard plastic and is designed for a rugged industrial environment.

Poly Air Vac 60 cfm inclusions

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