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Cyclone trolley vacuum - E3000

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3000 watt twin motor electric vacuum system with cyclonic separator all housed on a platform trolley. Designed for light dry waste like dusts and powders with the cyclone helping to prevent filter clogging and allowing increased operation times with higher efficiency.

Cyclonic dust and powder vacuum system mounted on a platform trolley. (Not for explosive or combustible dusts)

This electric vacuum system has Triple 1000 watt motors giving it a 3000 watt vacuum power. When coupled with the cyclonic separator the vacuum can run for extended periods without filter change. Works on 10 amp plug.


  1. Triple motor 3000 watt electric motor with cloth filter bag.
  2. Trolley - 920 x 610 cm
  3. 60 Litre stainless steel vacuum tank
  4. Heavy duty rubber castor wheels
  5. High efficiency cyclone for dust and powder separation
  6. Light weight aluminium powder coated cyclone lid
  7. 60 litre stainless steel waste collection bin
  8. 40mm wand and floor squeegee head 


Tipping tank for easy waste removal


  1. Collection bin lifting handle
  2. 60 litre stainless steel collection bin
  3. Tipping frame for collection bin
  4. Heavy duty platform and tipping frame anchor point.

The tipping tank makes emptying the waste contents an easy task.


The cyclone helps keep the filter clean and the vacuum running for extended periods without the need to replace or clean the filter. 


The cyclone trolley vacuum is ideal for all factory and warehouse cleaning when the need to clean up powders, chips, dusts, plastics and all light dry and flakey waste would normnally clog up the filters in a standard vacuum.

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