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Drum Top Vac

The air powered drum top vac is deigned to fit on top of a 205/44/55 size steel drum and turn it into a powerful industrial vacuum that can pick up both wet and dry waste. This Australian designed and manufactured Drum Top Vac is built from powder coated mild steel and is a solid and sturdy air powered vacuum. With triple venturis, this system can recover a wide range of industrial waste, both wet and dry. With industrial grade fittings, this vacuum can be configured to take either 38mm (1 1/2 î) or 50mm (2î) suction hose. The Drum Top Vac is a very useful industrial vacuum that fits to the top of your old steel drum turning it into a vacuum. With huge power this vacuum can suck up just about anything. With an upgrade it can be made into an explosion proof vacuum. The maintenance is easy. Unbolt 3 retaining bolts to remove the silencer shroud and the venturis and silencer baffles are visible. The silencer baffles can then be washed in warm soapy water and replaced when dry. The simplicity of design makes this a very unique and versatile vacuum. The venturis that provide the power will produce the same suction 10 years after purchase. We offer a 10 year warranty o the power side of the vacuum. Made from powder coated steel it a strong and robust unit.

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