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Air Operated Vacuums

Air Operated Vacuums off many advantages over conventional electric vacuums. This advantages include;

Pneumatic Air Operated Vacuums are very SAFE. 

  1. Air operated vacuums are powered by compressed air, they do not use electricity
  2. There are no moving parts to wear out, cause friction or create a spark
  3. Dependable as long as compressed air is supplied they will create a vacuum
  4. Can be used in both wet and dry applications
  5. Can be used for all types of waste including flammable fluids and combustible dusts
  6. Designed and manufactured in Australia
  7. 4 times the power of electric vacuums
  8. Huge 5 metre water lift
  9. 5 year warranty

Spillrite has been building compressed air powered industrial vacuum cleaners since 2007, improving and expanding the range of air operated vacuums every year.

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