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Reversible two way vacuums

Reversible two way vacuums

The Spillrite reversible two way vacuums come in many different models and power ratings. The core of the two way reversible vacuums are the unique reverse jet that allows both vacuuming and reverse filter clean or reverse fluid pump out.

The high powered ULTRA drum vacuums that fit all drums worldwide including US55 gallon drums, UK 44 gallon drums and Australian 205 litre drums use the unique Spillrite reverse jet system. This jet and venturi combination allow the creation of the vacuum through the primary jet and then with the turn of a ball valve the secondary jet is activated and the drum vacuum becomes a reverse fluid pump out unit.

When the reverse pump valve is activated and the internal drop pipe is installed fluid can be pumped out of the drum. Description:

  1. Activate the reverse pump out valve (yellow).
  2. With internal drop pipe in place the pressure will force the fluid up the drop pipe. 
  3. Through the wand and floor tool onto the groiund or into another drum or vessel.
  4. Pumped out fluid.
  5. Any excess build up of pressure will be forced out through the exhaust.
  6.  Hold down straps help to keep pressure inside drum.

100% SAFE in REVERSE MODE - As there is no mechanical device like a spring to keep the pressure inside the drum there is no channce that pressure can build up inside the drum. All excess pressure is released via the venturi exhaust. A revolutionary design.