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Industrial vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuums when used in factory cleaning and workshop maintenance can keep the floor clean from all industrial waste, industrial spills and general factory rubbish. Our industrial vacuum cleaners and commercial vacuum cleaners come in many different power types for effective waste management. Spillrite Vacuums make a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners for most industrial waste recovery applications.

SPAV Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

This versatile Industrial  pneumatic air operated Vacuum Cleaner comes in both standard and explosion proof models. the unit is powered by compressed air and can be coupled to a cyclone for dust control applications.


  1. The SPAV Industrial vacuum cleaner has a powder coated anti-static metal silencer shroud bolted to an anti-static explosion proof mild steel lid
  2. The chrome wand attached to the floor tool adds to the anti-static characteristics of the unit
  3. The unit comes with 3 metres of explosion proof smooth bore suction hose
  4. Metalic explosion proof anti-static fittinsg are used throughout the system
  5. A grounding chain is secured at the front of the trolley to allow a static dissipation path
  6. Metal couplings are used to atttach to the air fittings
  7. The lid is grounded to the stainless steel tank via metal clips
  8. The capture tank is stainless steel with a 60 litre capacity

Dust Control Industrial Vacuum Cleaners:

The SPAV/SS/Cyclone Industrial Vacuum Cleaner combo and the Drum Top Vac Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Dust combo are cyclonic separators - air powered vacuum units that use an industry recognised cyclone to achieve impressive separation of waste from the main filtration unit. The systems can be supplied with a trolley platform and mounting brackets to secure the two tanks.

The unit is powered by Spillrite Twin Reverse Thruster venturi's and comes in many different configurations. The systems use stainless steel tanks and heavy gauge steel drums for both the vacuum and the waste trap containers. From power settings starting at 48 cfm of compressed air usage right up to the ULTRA 260 cfm model.

The benefits of using a Spillrite Industrial SPAV Cyclone vacuum system

  • NO electric motors to burn out
  • 3-4 times the power of an electric vacuum
  • 5 year warranty of the vacuum system
  • Stainless steel industry safe tanks
  • Anti-static fittings
  • True explosion proof characteristics
  • Power consumption between 48-260 cfm
  • Cyclone separates more than 97% of waste
  • Easy and safe to use


The Industrial Vacuums Cleaners that we can supply are capable of recovering the following wastes;

  • Nickel powders
  • Chemical powders
  • Plastics
  • Coating compounds
  • Rockwall/Gibs
  • Paper and plastic
  • Composites
  • Flours and grains
  • Foam balls
  • Wood dusts and chips
  • Carbon fibre
  • MDF
  • Concrete
  • Fibreglass

The Industrial vacuum cleaners come in both standard configuration and explosion proof models.

Spill Control Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The Industrial Drum Lid Vacuum Cleaner is a widely used compressed air powered spill control unit. With an impressive suction response from the twin reverse thrusters this unit fits to a standard steel drum and can be used for all wet fluid spills like oils, chemicals, bilge water, muds, slurry and all flammable fuels when configured as an explosion proof industrial vacuum system.

Oil Spill Industrial vacuum cleaners