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Hazardous Dust Vacuums

Hazardous dust vacuums are deemed safe to vacuum dust with a low flash point and are combustible. Spillrite's range of hazardous dust vacuums include units with anti-static characteristics and equipped with HEPA filtration.

The latest combustible dust vacuums from Spillrite Vacuums Australia are cyclone trolley vacuums fitted with a heavy duty industrial HEPA filtration unit. Maximum HEPA airflow output is 425cfm and the three models are the 75 cfm, 100 cfm and 200 cfm systems.  models: HEPA75EX/CYC/TV - HEPA100EX/CYC/TV - HEPA200EX/CYC/TV

With cyclonic separator and equipped with HEPA filtration is this model. Built on a stable and strong aluminium frame measuring 1220 mm long x 610mm wide and 1060mm high.

These units have been designed to be intrinsically safe in the following environments - Class I, Class II, & Class III environments, divisions 1&2.