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Explosion Proof Vacuums

Explosion Proof Vacuums

Spillrite manufacture a wide range of explosion proof vacuums. Our explosion proof vacuum range are pneumatic and use compressed air.

Explosion proof vacuum cleaners manufactured by Spillrite Vacuums Australia. We design and manufacture a wide range of explosion proof pneumatic vacuums. As these explosion proof vacuums are powered by compressed air they produce no ignition source or have any internal heating element, the two main sources of sparking in normal vacuums. These air powered explosion proof vacuums also have no internal moving parts so there is no chance of sparking through friction, another common source of sparks.

All Spillrite explosion proof vacuums are Australian made and supported. Our range of industrial explosion proof vacs are approved for use in class I,II and III, divisions 1 and 2.  

Each one of our vacuums can be fitted with HEPA rated filters if need be.

The model below is a Drum Top Vacuum which is fitted with explosion proof features that inlcude;


  1. contain no moving parts, preventing ignition from mechanical friction.
  2. have no electrical motors so there is no possibility of sparking or arcing.
  3. all units are fully grounded when an explosion proof vacuum with EX designation is supplied.