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Explosion Proof anti static vacuums

Explosion Proof anti static vacuum cleaners

Spillrite explosion proof vacuum cleaners are safe for use in hazardous situations for control of combustible dusts and most flammable fluids. Our vacuums do not create any arcing or sparks or generate any heat through normal operation.

Explosion proof vacuum cleaners particuarly when powered by compressed air provide the highest safety rating and are intrinsically safe. As the vacuum power is created through the venturi principle and there are no moving parts, there is no friction or heat created in the process.

Spillrite Australia has been approved to supply Explosion Proof vacuums to the Australian Defence Department and Airbus Group Australasia.


Explosion proof anti static vacuums for use in all explosion risk areas including Zones 1 and 2 (Gas) and 21 and 22 (Dust).

One of Spillrites most popular Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaners is the SPAV/EX, Spill Control Air Vac Explosion Proof. This air powered explosion proof drum lid vacuum attaches to a steel drum and turns the drum into a powerful wet only explosion proof vacuum.


  1. Vacuum powerhead is made from anti-static metal
  2. Metal anti-static chrome wand
  3. Explosion proof anti-static suction hose
  4. Anti-static metal tank fittings
  5. Vacuum trolley base grounded with grounding chain
  6. Anti-static air fittings
  7. Anti-static tank fittings which complete the dissipation path
  8. Stainless steel anti-static capture tank


With the the twin reverse thruster venturi's, this unit has massive power which delivers impressive performance. The vacuum of choice for many offshore rigs and gas platforms. Safe and powerful. When configured with explosion proof fittings and anti static suction hose, the Drum Lid Vacuum becomes an important tool when recovering flammable liquids or combustible dusts.

The Spillrite Drum Lid Vac can be configured in a variety of power settings. The most powerful is 300 cfm of compressed air. The DLV units are also designed to be able to reverse pump out fluid. Through the unique design of the venturi's there is no possibility of the drum over pressurising as all excess pressure is released through the thoat of the venturi. 

When the lock band is secured, the lid and the drum become grounded to the earth and provide a complete circuit which will release any build up of static electricity. This explosion proof vacuum is widely used within the gas and oil industry.

Applications for Explosion Proof Anti Static and Dust Ignition Proof Vacuums.

Many situations require an explosion proof vacuum system that will not ignite flammable fluid or explosive and conbustible dust. These applications include;

Hazardous Locations

  • Hazardous locations like grain silos, food manufacturing plants that use flours and combustible food dusts
  • Oil wells and fuel distribution centres that need explosion proof vacuums
  • Offshore drilling platforms
  • Printer recyclers that deal with toner cartridges
  • Defence establishments that need to recover spent gun powder and shell casings
  • Powder coating and powder painting facilities

Combustible Dust Mitigation

  • With the emphasis on safety in the work place it is a requirement to have an explosion proof vacuum system like a Spillrite Explosion Proof vacuum to help control combustible dusts in hazardous environments

Flammable Fuels

  • Flammable fuel comes in many different forms and can be extremely dangerous when tryimng to recover from a spill or when transfering between tanks and drums. A Spillrite Explosion Proof Anti-Static vacuum system will prevent any chance of static electricity igniting the fuel and causing an explosion. Our explosion proof pneumatic vacuums come in many differenc sizes and compressed air requirements.

Static Electricty & Explosion proof vacuums 

  • ​Static electricty can be created through many manufacturing processes and can be present without realising it on equipment and products. Be sure to use a Spillrite Anti-Static Explosion Proof vacuum to prevent static electricity causing an explosion. Our systems have been designed to prevent build up of static electricity. With no moving parts, heating elements or electrical current the Spillrite Explosion Proof vacuums can not produce static electricty and any build up caused by friction in the suction hose or due to the tribo electric effect will dissipate instantly through the installed grounding features.